Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A new show to love!

Last night I watched an episode of Castle on ABC.  I am officially sucked in.  Good comedy and a nice romantic tension between the two main characters - very reminiscent of JAG, minus the hot uniforms, of course.  

I found live streaming of the episode on ABC, but unfortunately it only starts with episode 3.  I also caught an episode of Greek on ABCFamily late last night.  Not too bad - I'll have to give a few more episodes before I can say I'm hooked.  I think it might just be something to kill time not an obsession.

Obviously, if I'm watching TV again, then school is lightening up.  I officially have four more tasks left and then I'm done with school.  One of those task is a hefty paper but compared to where I've been, I'm pretty sure I can handle it!

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