Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"You would never expect mimes."

Yesterday in the archive I was doing some research for a man in Iowa. He was interested in a couple on his family tree that he knew had lived in Fort Collins most of his life. After tracking down some obituaries and I few article clippings, I have to wonder what this man's face will look like when he opens the package with the copies that I made for him. The couple was your typical World War II era family - the mother and father had both served in the war, she as a SPAR and he in the Coast Guard. They had four children, one a baby girl that did not survive long enough to get a name, two boys, and a girl. They lost another son when he was 34 from a drowning accident in Florida. His profession - a mime! Didn't see that coming. I tracked down some newspaper articles that discussed the man's attempts to start a mime school in Fort Collins. He and a friend started a business called Mimes and Mayhem. After filling in my supervisor on my findings, she astutely commented "How do you suppose they answered the phone?"

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