Sunday, August 26, 2007

Falling off the wagon.

I think I need a sponsor of some kind. I need a coin. I need a swift kick in the caboose!! The first week of school managed to put the stops to my somewhat frequent running. I ran on Monday. That was it. Even then, it was a simple two mile run. I'm kicking myself...ok, maybe I'm not - that would require too much leg movement.

I refuse to fall off of the wagon. It's too painful to get back on, dang it. At some point this summer I reached 5 miles. That seems so long ago. I shall not wither a way to a graduate student stuck in the library. I'm going to approach this like someone quitting smoking or losing an incredible amount of weight - baby steps not cold turkey. As long as I keep baby stepping along, I just won't stop running cold turkey. I can enjoy brief moments of athleticism amongst the many moments of reading until my eyes bleed. Grad school is a lifestyle change, I need to slowly adjust my schedule, not expect great things to happen over night. I'll soon be battling too demons though... school and cold weather! *sigh*

Bring it on! If there's one thing I learned from Little House on the Prairie it's to never lose sight of the wagon!!

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