Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Killin' Time

I'm sitting in my patrol car behind an abandoned white Chevy car waiting for the tow truck to arrive. My necessary paperwork has been filled out so now I just have to wait for the tow guy. Ho hum!!

It's been exciting day - I'm going on a road trip. In September. I haven't been on vacation in a while and I actually will get one this year because I have a big person's job with benefits and everything. I decided to take off the second week of September. I figure the last traveling rush of summer will be over after Labor Day weekend and all the annoying kiddos will be back in school by then!!! That and Radio Man and mine's 3rd anniversary lands in the middle of the vacation!! Perfect!

Tow truck guys have arrived!! YAH! BAck to work, I go!

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