Sunday, May 6, 2007

Maybe it's all mental.

You know that feeling when you get a rock stuck in your shoe and your foot kind of hurts? It's just enough to be annoying but not painful enough that you need to stop and empty your shoe. That's how my foot feels. That worries me because when I was training for my half marathon that's the kind of annoyance I had just before the excruciating pain set in. I could understand the pain then, it was an over-training injury, but now, I'm just confused. Maybe it's all mental. I hope it's all mental. Today was a rest day so maybe the slippers will do my feet some good!

Thunder kept me close to home yesterday so I felt like a hamster running on a wheel. I did fit the whole 30 minutes though. I would have went to the gym and ran on the treadmill but some punks were having a party at the clubhouse. I got rained on for the last few minutes, that seemed to make the pain and struggle go away. Why is it that the rain can be so motivating?

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